FREE 2 Hour Session with a Professional Interior Designer

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When you Buy or Sell your property using Rick Aurora as your Realtor, you will receive a FREE 2 Hour Session with a Professional Interior Designer.  These 2 free hours can include anything from a wide range of services such as:

Colour Consultation - Colour is generally the most exciting, the most immediately noticeable and the least expensive element in decoration. It also arouses the strongest emotional responses, as it can affect the apparent proportions and light in a room.  It can make the same space seem cool or warm, restful or stimulating, depending upon colour choice. Alighting on the right harmony and contrasts is therefore important.

Space Cosmetology - There are various simple rules for exaggerating or diminishing a given area:

  • The same floor covering running through a whole apartment or small house maximizes floor space.

        If walls and ceilings are kept the same color as well, the space will appear to flow uninterruptedly. Even variations on the same color scheme from room to room (i.e., putty color walls and white trim in one room; white walls and putty colored trim in another and so on) will give an illusion of more space because of the continuity.

        The lighter the floor and wall color, the bigger the room will seem. Pale colors recede; strong, intense or dark colors tend to come towards you. If a ceiling is too high for the proportions of a room, a strong color will appear to bring it down. If it is too low, a light shade or white will appear to heighten it.

        An over-scale piece of furniture, large painting or mirror in a small room, contrary to convention, will actually make a small room look larger.

Expanding Space By Furniture Arrangement - The least expensive and most obvious way to gain apparent extra space is to be rigorous about the amount and type of furniture that is used and its arrangement. Pare down as much as possible, but not to the extent that all individuality is lost in the process.

Mirrors will always give depth and added length and width to a room.  A mirror may be used on one whole wall, in a dark corner, or used generously from floor to ceiling and right up to a corner if the space could do with visual doubling. Mirrors substantially add to the feeling of generous space and light.

Space Planning - Getting the proper framework of a home is essential to any decorative scheme. It is only logical that the first thing to consider is the use, and if necessary, the visual expansion of the space at your disposal.   Space planning should be thought out before you begin to think of styles and color schemes because all of these things will be dependant on how you decide to use and enhance your rooms.

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